Glow Puzzle

Glow Puzzle

Glowstick fun for your brain


  • Pretty to look at
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Suitable for all ages


  • No telling how long it will be fun for


Glow Puzzle is a creative, challenging puzzle game for Android that’s sure to appeal to adults and kids alike.

The premise of Glow Puzzle is simple: you are given simple glowing images – a house or an abstract shape, for example. You have to trace the shape with your finger, covering all the lines, but only once. If you manage to connect all the dots without going back over any, you win and progress to the next level.

It’s a simple game, but Glow Puzzle’s lovely electric colors make it fun to play around with. You can toggle sound and vibration feedback, but in terms of configuration options, that’s it. There are bunches of levels for you to try out, but remember that you can only progress once you have successfully passed the previous levels.

If you get stuck, hit the light bulb for the solution. If you know you’ve gone wrong, hit the reload button and Glow Puzzle will let you start again. This game isn’t the most sophisticated out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. Download Glow Puzzle and give your brain a stretch!

Glow Puzzle is a simple puzzle game brought to life with a cool neon color way.

333 level fixed


  • 333 level fixed
Glow Puzzle


Glow Puzzle

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